Tony Wang Photography

Tony Wang is a well-known professional commercial photographer whose work has kept him working with mainstream advertising industry in New York City for over 20 years. His strong sense of visual communication and lighting skills has won him many long-term loyal clients. Besides focusing on the feeling of luxury, he enjoys storytelling or adding a little humor into his photography through creative lighting. It is his priority to make the photo looks inviting and beautiful without loosing the sense of realism. Because of this, Tony Wang has sought after by many big name Agencies, Corporations and Publishers.

His best value is his broad life experience devoted to the passion in photography and his determined execution style. With extended knowledge on printing, post-production and Photoshop-retouching enable him to foresee the results before planning the correct shooting procedure regardless in analog or digital.

Unlike many other commercial photographers, Tony Wang enjoys helping new talents to establish their own photography career. He is always generous on sharing his professional skills, knowledge and thinking process to his assistants and staffs. He is also enthusiastic about contributing to the photography education industry. He managed to spare two days a week teaching at University during his Shanghai years and three evenings at few local Community Centers in Los Angeles after came back to the US.

Tony is easygoing and very down to earth. He will be happy to listen to your thoughts and help you translate your ideas into amazing visuals. Should you have any project requires more than just clear pictures, Tony Wang will be delighted to work with you.